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Welcome to Glowing Gut Health with me, Nutritionist Chela.

Glowing Gut Health was created out of my passion to help women conquer their digestive and gut health issues by using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over my 10+ years in the health industry.

So why is solving gut issues my passion? Because I've been there too!

I love helping clients overcome their digestive health challenges because I know firsthand what it's like to feel overwhelmed by my symptoms.

I struggled for so many years with debilitating health issues which I thought would never go away.

 My symptoms persisted for so long that feeling sick became my new normal. I couldn’t even remember what feeling healthy was like!

I was suffering from daily bloating, indigestion and chronic constipation from IBS & GERD


My stress levels were through the roof and I was anxious every day.

My skin was a mess, I had constant acne breakouts, regular flushing from rosacea and uncomfortable eczema on my body.

I had chronic disordered eating patterns. I would cycle between binging on my favourite foods and then trying a new fad diet.

I had a really unhealthy relationship with food and my body.

In short, I was miserable!

Looking back I honestly have no idea how I functioned. 

After years of struggling, I decided things needed to change because I couldn't keep living this way.

I didn't want to just survive, I wanted to thrive!

I can't say making changes in my health was easy BUT it was 100% worth it!

After years of struggling, I no longer have to worry about my symptoms. I can enjoy food without fear, which is an accomplishment that truly goes beyond words. 

Being able to elevate my health to a place where I can truly enjoy life (and food!) has been my biggest achievement.


It was also my inspiration to help other women reach their own gut health goals.


Being a Nutritionist has allowed me to help women all over the world change their health and live life on their own terms.


Are you ready to live symptom-free

and glow from the inside out?


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