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       Corporate Wellness

Your Employees are the heart of your business

How does nutrition and health play a role in your business?

Employer Benefits

  • Improved productivity 

  • Reduced sick days and absences  

  • Reduced risk of injury and illness  

  • Improved work enviroment and employee morale 

  • Less employee turnover 

  • Enhanced corporate image  

Employee Benefits

  •  Improved job satisfaction  

  •  Reduced risk of chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Increased energy levels and improvement in mind-set 

  • Improvement in self-esteem 

  • Improvement in in quality of life outside of work  


What does corporate wellness look like?

Below are frequently requested topics. We can also work together to customize something that fits the needs of you and your team.








Nutrition Education 

- Nutrition 101: Building a healthy foundation

- Ask a Nutritionist - Q & A 

- Diet confusion discussion - Paleo, Keto, Vegan etc.

- Foods for success: How to fuel your brain

- What foods lower Stress and Increase Energy

- Swap This for That: Easy food swaps for every meal of the day

- Weight Loss & Get Healthy Challenges

- Nutrition Games + Healthy Prizes







Lifestyle Education

- Eco Beauty basics - Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

- Supplementation 101: When, Why, What + Q&A

- Better Digestion: How to relive common symptoms (Bloating, Heart Burn etc)

One on One nutrition consultations

 -30 min intake on your employees individual health & Nutrition Concerns 

-Advice & Tips to go home an start incoperating

- PDF Protocol emailed 5-10 business days after


Let me help you create a healthy work environment for your valued employees.


Contact me today


Lunch & Learn Demo

- Cooking & Meal prep ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

- Smoothies & Healthy Snacks 

- Healthy Dessert & Sweet Treats

- Protein bars, Power balls & Electolyte drinks

* All Demos include product tasting & Recipes booklet

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