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Glowing Gut Health
Upcoming Workshop

 Heal your Gut Naturally Workshop

 3 Day Free workshop on September 17th-19th 2022

Join Nutritionist Chela at @2pm PST for this
40-minute daily live video Masterclass inside
The Glowing Gut Facebook Group (replays will be available in the group)
Worksheet included! (will be emailed to you)

*Please contact me if you do not have a FB account, we can arrange another viewing option

Workshop Schedule

September 17th - Day 1:  Uncovering the Root Cause of your Symptoms


In this session you will learn:

- What is a "Root Cause"

- Why Root Cause Issues can be the key to resolving your symptoms

-  Common Symptoms and causes of gut imbalances

- Common Root Cause Issues (Leaky Gut, Intestinal Dysbiosis, Candida, Parasites & More)

September 18th - Day 2:  How to Reverse Damage & Repair your Gut Naturally

Learn simple & effective strategies to help you repair your gut & ditch your symptoms for good.

- What some of the key foods you should be eating to heal your gut

- What foods should you avoid to prevent further gut damage

- What other key health & lifestyle changes can help support the gut healing process

July 19th - Day 3: Setting Up Your Success Mindset: Overcoming Mental Blocks to Achieve your Goals + Q & A with Chela

- Learn key mindset strategies to set your healing journey up for success.

- Ask me all your burning gut health questions during live Q & A time.


Chela | Gut Health Nutritionist 

Chela is a Nutritionist and Wellness Educator with a passion for helping women thrive without restriction. Her practice focuses on gut health and intuitive eating habits to help her clients break free of chronic digestive symptoms and find peace with food forever.

Along with her Nutritional Practitioner Certification, she is also a certified personal trainer, yoga Instructor and holds special training in Clinical Supplementation and Advanced Herbal Pharmacology. Chela has over seven years of experience in the supplement and health industry. She works with clients locally in the Vancouver area and online worldwide.

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