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New Moon Ritual: Set New Goals

New Moon is the ideal time to manifest your dreams and set new goals!⁠

The new phase of the moon is the ideal time to turn our focus on the things and energies we want in our life. ⁠Take this opportunity to set new goals and begin to work towards them. As the moon waxes and grows, your goals will as well. ⁠

Virgo lends its energy to this New Moon which means we will feel many of the traits of this star sign.⁠

Virgo energies encourage goal setting however, they lean towards more realistic goals. Things that are achievable; where steps can be easily mapped out and followed.⁠

Virgo is an earth sign which means the energy will be grounding, strong, practical, organized and solution-oriented. This is the ideal time to get down to business and make plans for your successful endeavour.⁠

Virgo also has very health-oriented energy, this is an ideal time to set new health goals. Start a new plan and take steps to achieve a healthier you!⁠

On the shadow side, Virgo energy brings the need to take on everything alone. Be mindful of allowing yourself to ask others for help and openly receiving that help. You don’t need to shoulder the weight of the world on your own.⁠

There is also the possibility to overthink things during this time and obsessing over slight details. Be mindful to take a step back, breathe, relax and look at the big picture.⁠

Ready t set those goals into motion? Follow one of the New Moon Rituals Below:

Ritual #1:⁠

You will need: ⁠

Candlestick/ Candlestick holder (One candle for every goal) ⁠

Matches /Lighter⁠


For this ritual, you hold your chosen candle in your hands and visualize your goal. See yourself living that goal, focus on your happiness and the way you feel already living it. To make it more significant you can take your pin and write it on your candle. Run your pin through a flame before writing; this symbolizes cleansing the pin and makes it easier to write in the wax. Once complete light your candle and allow it to burn down till it extinguishes on its own. I find it helpful to use small candlesticks for this purpose. This symbolizes setting the fires of intention and when the candle is done burning, your manifestation will be set in motion.⁠

Ritual #2:⁠

You will need:⁠

Piece of paper⁠


Write your goal on a piece of paper. One small paper for each goal. Hold it on your hands and visualize you living that goal as if it already were so. Once you are finished, bury the paper in soil. You can choose a pot, your garden o the forest (paper is biodegradable!) This symbolizes allowing your goal to set roots and grow.⁠

Happy Manifesting!

Chela xo

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